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fresh start July 22, 2016

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Chapter 1

Praying to win in a casino is pointless.

People go to the casino for the thrill of gambling. Some people ride roller coasters for the thrill. Gamblers gamble for the thrill.

God created gambling so people could enjoy the thrill of winning and losing.

That is the gambling experience. So with all that praying in a casino what is God to do? How can God grant a persons wish to gamble and be a guaranteed winner at the same time?

Which is not gambling at all. It is cheating.

Praying for 'good luck'. Well ok. Do not forget that when you crossed that busy highway called The Las Vegas Strip you did not get hit by a car. How lucky is that?

You don't have cancer. How lucky is that?

Let's say your wife and brother are not having an affair. Whew! How lucky is that?

Since what you don't know can't hurt you. Even if they were having an affair and you did not know about it. Well How lucky is that?

Let's face it most days of your life have been your lucky day.

You could still pray to God to make you lucky but that's going overboard. It's greedy, selfish and you missed the whole point. You would not know luck if it hit you in the head.

Your children are healthy. Your parents are still alive and love you. You have a good job, a good marriage

You pray for a good life. You pray for good health. You pray for a good wife, a good husband, good children.

With all those answered prayers, you might want to lighten up a bit.

Gambling is a game so just pray to be a better gambler.

Now this is where things get interesting.

You have one weapon in a casino - intuition. You need it to know when to bet. You need it to know when to leave. And you need it for everything in between.

God gave you intuition. Trusting your intuition is your belief in God. That is why we have the saying "Trust in God"  "Trust your intuition."

Trusting your intuition requires a clear conscience.

In other words you can not expect to be breaking The Ten Commandments, ignoring The Seven Deadly Sins and have a clear conscience all at the same time.

Lets say you are the brother who is having an affair with your brothers wife. Let's say you do not get caught. How lucky is that?

Let's not celebrate just yet.

You still have not figured out why you are not winning at gambling. It is not that you are being punished that's not it at all. But you still swear that it is. The logical thing to do here is to break off the affair.

So that is what you do.

You figure that the sooner you break it off the sooner your punishment will be over. But this is not like coming home with a bad report card and getting grounded for two weeks.

You may not be getting punished at all. At least not by God.

Let's leave it at that

July 21, 2016 end of chapter 1

Chapter 2

God's plan for gambling works perfectly.

Gambling on earth is the same as it is in heaven.

It's still a game with all of the chances of winning and losing.

Suppose you die and find yourself winning all the time? Then it may not be the heaven you expected.

If that is the case you may want to pray that all of this is a nightmare and nothing else but a nightmare.

July 22, 2016 end of chapter 2

Chapter 3

The other people are those who do die and go to heaven. It's not a dream. It's not a nightmare. It's a fact.

They know this because as soon as they arrive they find the nearest casino and start gambling. And right off the bat start winning and losing.

Ahhhh this is heaven.

Since they are in heaven they do not need the money. For them the only reason they gamble is for the challenge of winning knowing that they can lose.

It's a game to beat the odds without asking for divine intervention

That is exactly what you can do right here on earth.

July 22, 2016 End of chapter 3

Chapter 4

When a person wins they tend to believe that whatever they did prior to winning is what caused them to win. So they do it over and over again even though it hasn't worked for years. What was once just a ritual has turned into a habit.

For instance they walk into a casino sit down, strike a match, light a cigarette, spin the reel. If they win they will never quit smoking.

July 22, 2016 End of chapter 4

Chapter 5

The Good Things List is very popular in relationships where it's success rate is  0%.  A person showers another person with attention, gifts, promises of love and adoration with the hidden motive that all of those actions will be returned.

What if they're not?

Well that's how the other person finds out about your sincerity. In other words if you think you can sit in a casino reciting all of the good things you have done for God you are going to lose.

It is not that you will be punished, that is not it at all. It is that there are a thousand other people in the very same casino reciting their own list.

Some people cheat on their list the same way as people cheat on tests in school, they look at the other persons test and copy the answers from them.

So there you are sitting in a casino and you realize that your list does not contain many good things you have done for God. So you ask the person next to you what good things have they done for God?

You memorize those things.

This does not work because you forgot to take into consideration that the person you asked got their answers from someone else who got their answers from someone else and so on and son.

This leaves God scratching his head because on any given day there is a casino full of people who have done the exact same good things for him.

Like a school kid who copied his friends homework then gets called upon during a pop quiz.

Wouldn't it suck if your name came up to win the jackpot on the condition that you recite your Good Things I've Done For God List and you forgot.

You would be standing there tripping and stumbling over your words trying to think of things that God considers to be good.

To be on the safe side it is best to do your own homework

July 22, 2015
end of chapter 5

Now I need to find the other chapters. They could be anywhere. I have several computers. Maybe a zip drive? Well I will just have to look around.

Actually there were two stories going at once. But my Attention Deficit  Disorder took over. It turned into one big mess. And so did I. LOL

July 26, 2016