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It's a cookbook
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This is the other story that went with Casinos Gods And Prayers

Coming soon. How soon is soon? I don't know

The house I grew up in was next door to a Catholic school, a rectory, a church and a convent. The first 5 or 6 years of my life were spent playing in my yard. Which was right next to the school. In the summer they would open the windows and I could hear what was going on.

If you heard rumors that the nuns back then were mean and scary. Trust me those rumors were true. Things may have changed but back then they really scared me.

My older sister attended that school and I  thought I was destined to do the same. I was worried sick. At the age of five I had ulcers, gray hair, and high blood pressure which I am sure caused me to have Chronic Kidney Disease.

After all of that worrying my first day of kindergarten was at the public school a block away from my house. My parents decided to take my sister out of parochial school and sent us to the public school down the street Thomas Jefferson #25

I did not know whether to hug my parents or kill them. All those sleepless nights.