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It's a cookbook
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There are five links on The White House website

1. Follow the Whitehouse on twitter

2. See the Whitehouse on Instagram (owned by Facebook)

3. Like the Whitehouse on Facebook

4. Visit The Whitehouse on Google+

5. Visit the Whitehouse Channel on Youtube (owned by Google)

It's a


All of those icons amount to


on a government website


for any democratic government to do this.

When something is unethical everything else is

Is it legal?

In marriage and government something does not have to be bad it just has to look bad.

Anyone who has been married knows that!

All of those links are to for profit websites but even that is

That's it. That's all.

It's all very simple.

Anything else beyond this point is just me amusing myself

 If you go to The White House website

Scroll down and click on the YouTube icon Google owns YouTube
You are now at the Youtube - White House channel.
Click on the red and white Subscribe link.

You are now on a page that looks like this

One account. All of Google.

Sign in to continue to YouTube

Need help?

Create account

One Google Account for everything Google
Below this is Google icons

The White House / the government just delivered a potential customer to Google's front door.


Getting a potential customer to your business is hard. Getting them in the door is difficult. Getting them to buy something is extremely difficult.

Getting an endorsement from a celebrity, sports figure, whatever is pure gold. The simplest of things. A small logo on a professional tennis players shirt.

Without the first two steps you will go out of business.

Take a good look around the internet.
Try to find a competitor to Google and Facebook that poses any kind of a threat to them.

You can't.

Because all of Google's, Facebook's and Twitter's etc. competitors went out of business. They did not have the government's help in accomplishing the first two steps.


 So anyway


From the

So your children need to do a report on Thomas Jefferson. They go to The


They scroll down

Then they scroll down to the heading
History & Grounds

To the right there is more advertising for the usual suspects

Click on 3. Thomas Jefferson

You will just have to go there to see for yourself.

The youth of this country are being

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and one or two others maybe

Your son or daughter goes to the CIA website

on the right they will see this

Directly below that they will see

K-5th Grade

Click on any one of them and you will see the usual links

It's a trap. By time these kids grow up their only choices will be Facebook, Google, Twitter and a few also rans.

Some believe Facebook is becoming the internet.

This can't be allowed to happen.

You can follow



  And The


FBI and CIA websites have the same links

So you have the government in general plus the IRS, FBI and CIA politely inviting people to follow and or connect with them on Facebook.

Is this a joke...THE CIA ?.?.?

Watch the CIA and the FBI on YouTube

You can watch them while they watch you

Connect with CIA

It seems to me that the FBI and CIA are trying to get as many people as they can in one place.

Considering this is war it makes sense they would want to

everybody into one place

(LOL this is starting to be fun)

It makes sense to them.


It is never a good idea to assemble your whole

in one place

as the enemy can kill more soldiers with fewer bombs

I believe it's called a ambush

in any event it is a

Can anyone apply for and get their links on government websites?

Of course.

But you see who and how many have been able to accomplish it.

 A friend said to me "Facebook is a fad that will pass" This is not personal. If Facebook and Google were to go out of business, so what. That will do nothing for the people. We will still be the same people who let the government get away with this.

If this continues future generations will look back on us a bunch of wimps who gave the internet away.

It's about the people standing up to big business and government not resentment towards them.

It's all very simple.

It's like a person who takes abuse. They wish the abuser dies and they do. Well that is fine and dandy but they are still a person who takes abuse. Actually things are worse. The chance to stand up to the abuser is gone and the fact that you never stood up to them will haunt you for the rest of your life.

It's best to stand up now

You could argue about whether computer cookies are good or bad.


You cannot argue that if any website puts anything on your computer without your consent

You have been abused.

I was going to put a link to a website about computer cookies but you can do that yourself.

This is not


This is a war the government and big business could not possibly win if only the people would stand up for themselves.

All we have to do is decide. Do we support a big business and government internet or a 'peoples internet' ?


It would be interesting to know what type of internet our presidential candidates believe in.

A simple question deserves a simpler answer.

I believe in a

A. People's internet
B. Big business and government internet.

They can only answer A or B any attempt to

out of a direct answer and they lose their turn

.................... END ....................

 This is starting to be fun.

Does it look like the government is trying to prevent a monopoly or help create one?

Since when is killing off the competition good for the people

You do that and you end up with a

(I did not create this)


 For the past seven years, from the ages of 48 to 55, President Obama has celebrated the annual occasion with a growing collection of celebrities, sports stars, business executives, movie moguls and politicians — all dancing into the small hours of the morning.

There is no mention of sanitation  workers.
Apparently our president believes
Dancing with celebrities, sports stars, business executives, movie moguls and politicians

IS more important than taking out the

 In Episode 89 To Serve Man the aliens came to earth and did everything for man. Things man could have done for himself / herself (i know it's correct but let's not be picky here) So man figured as long as someone was going to do it for him... eh why bother.

Well man picked the wrong being to do what he could've done for himself.

But he forgot one thing

Laziness is never rewarded

Henry Ford would disagree. It was his belief to hire a lazy person because they would find a easier way to do things.

Unfortunately man was too lazy to do even that.

You see where that got him .

LOL now that's funny

He sat back was lazy, got fat and it killed him in the end

It was a horrible death.

He met his end and it was his own damn fault.



My first job out of high school was repairing mobile homes
from Maine to Maryland

(we did not call them trailers)

But anyway I worked in a lot of trailer parks. I met a lot of nice people.
Not once did I meet 'trailer trash' 

So next time you use the term "trailer trash"

Take a good look around at where you can afford to live.

 The greatest form of discrimination and the one least talked about is against the unattractive

I know this because for some odd reason Walmart shoppers have become the laughing stock of the world.

The way I see it right now I am the sanest person on the planet